Book Release – Fall 2022!

The Book is a nonfiction novel of true facts, family experiences and events from slavery to glory in a generation. The story of Charles W. Follis chronicles how this pioneer blazed the trail for black Americans through adversity and triumph. His determination to excel in a new society and his chosen profession, while never compromising the morals and principles his family instilled in him. His strength, courage and endurance are just a few of the qualities he exemplified throughout his life that will inspire a nation of people for generations to come.

During this very complex time, contending with racial bigotry, family aspirations, education, social and political climate; how does the character of one man and support of his family help him to become the shoulders in which millions today stand? When you come to learn about the man Charles W. Follis, you will grow to respect him; appreciate him; and many will grow to love him and the family that instilled the guiding principles that fueled him to become a silent legend; a trail blazing American Pioneer.

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  1. Duane

    What an intriguing story! Looking forward to learning more about Charles Follis and the impact is story will have on the community. Thank you for sharing this legacy with the world!

  2. Duane

    Congrats Follis family. This is incredibly exciting! Looking forward to being one of the first to read the book.

  3. Dawn

    This is very exciting Follis Family! Congratulations!! I look forward to reading the book! Charles Follis deserves to have his story told. Congrats again!

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