Family Tree

The eldest living relatives of Charles Follis and his four sisters; Leila, Cora, Alice, and Lucile, and four younger brothers; James, Allen, Curtis, and Joseph are represented by the eldest descendants: Karen Cheatham, Sandra Smith, and Rodney Williams.  Additionally, those deceased of this generation; Beverly Larkins, Muriel Edwards (Larkins), Alan Larkins and Arthur (A.J) Lyons are also represented.  All direct line descendants of James Henry Follis and Catherine Matilda Follis are included as part of the family legacy.

Children of Benjamin Follis 1820-1893 / wife Jane Follis 1824-1895

James Henry Follis B: 1849
Curtis Follis B: 1867
Birdie Smith B: 1873

Children of James Henry Follis 1849-1910 / wife Catherine Matilda Follis 1848-1922

Leila M. Follis 1874-1950
Cora Belle Follis 1876-1947
Charles Walter Follis Feb 3, 1879 – April 5, 1910
Alice B. Follis (Laura) 1880-1931
James Follis (twin) 1881
Allen Follis (twin) 1881-1884
Curtis W. Follis 1884 – March 26, 1903
Joseph Walter Follis January 30, 1888 – 1965
Lucile Follis 1890-1971

Children of Joseph Walter Follis (GPA) 1888-1965 / Florence Evans Follis (GMA) 1890-1983:

Dorothy J. Follis 1913-1978
Benjamin Curtis Follis 1915-1943
Alice M. Follis 1920-1986
Florence Louise Follis 1925-1992